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A decade of experience making radio documentaries & podcasts at the BBC

I provide a complete suite of audio production services

Exec producing, treatments, bidding, recording, editing, scripting, mixing, etc

The Climate Tipping Points

BBC Radio 4 & World Service, 2022

Five-part series looking at the risk that climate change could cause abrupt changes in weather patterns and ecosystems, from the die-back of the Amazon rain forest to a shutdown of the circulating currents of the Atlantic. The series includes emotional interviews with front-line climate researchers about the toll that their work is taking on their own mental health.


A Geochemical History of Life on Earth

BBC World Service, 2021

Five-part series telling the story of life on Earth: from how it may have originated as a chemical reaction some four billion years ago, through the many ways life has profoundly reshaped our planet's chemistry, often with disastrous consequences, right up until our own species' foolish tinkering with the Earth's climate.


A Pyrotechnic History of Humanity

BBC Radio 4 & World Service, 2021

Four-part series telling the story of the great energy revolutions that propelled our species to our current dominance of Planet Earth: How the lowly cooked meal may have enabled the evolution of our oversized brains. How modern civilisation was built on a solar revolution 10,000 years ago. How we got rich by burning 300-million-year-old rocks. And how a final energy revolution may deliver us from disaster. 


Business Daily

BBC World Service, 2013-2022

Despite the uninspiring title, Business Daily was until recently the BBC's fastest growing major podcast. Each weekday episode took an in-depth look at what made the global economy tick. As a key member of the production team, my work covered a vast range of topics: Nigerian oil politics, geothermal energy, being transgender at work, anger management, Modern Monetary Theory, whale conservation.

Producer (one of four) & occasional presenter

The Elements

BBC World Service, 2013-2016

This began as a strand on Business Daily that was so successful it was given its own broadcast slot. Over four years and 64 episodes, the BBC Climate Editor Justin Rowlatt and I looked at how every element in the periodic table drives the global economy: Where we dig them up, how we use them to improve our lives, and where they end up when we discard them.

Producer & co-presenter

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