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I write books, industry reports, feature pieces and documentary scripts

15 years' experience as a journalist at the BBC and Euromoney PLC

Currently writing a history of life on Earth with BBC Climate Editor Justin Rowlatt

The Globalization of Teams

Omnipresent, 2022

An industry report ​exploring the impact of remote working on the global economy, in particular how knowledge industries such as programming, R&D and the media will be reorganised into global remote teams. This great restructuring of how we work will boost innovation and economic growth, create opportunities for disadvantaged workers, second-tier cities and developing countries, and transform workplace culture. The report was commissioned by Omnipresent, a global remote employment agency.

How Do We Fix This Mess?

Hodder & Stoughton, 2012

Robert Peston, the BBC's erstwhile business editor, asked me to join him as a "shadowy co-author" on his latest book (as a review in the Guardian would later put it). How Do We Fix This Mess was Robert's analysis of the 2008 global financial crisis, including his account of how he got the scoop on the bank run at Northern Rock that first propelled him to national prominence. I wrote about a third of the book from scratch, drawing on my six years on the trading floors at Deutsche Bank at the centre of the noughties credit bubble. I also provided research and proofreading for the rest of the book.

Feature Writing

BBC, 2010-2017

I spent my first few years at the BBC working as an online journalist for the business section of the BBC website, during which time I published dozens of feature pieces. My work mostly covered economics and finance, including a series of noted articles making sense of the Eurozone​ crisis as it unfolded. Later on, I wrote several pieces that explored how the global economy interacted with the chemical elements - for instance the global sulphur glut, the toxic legacy of leaded petrol, and the transformative potential of lithium-ion batteries.  


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